foil is built using precision CNC machined G10 fiberglass wings and anodized aluminum components.  this material was selected because of it’s stiffness and durability characteristics. the wings can easily be repaired with solarez type epoxy when damaged.  the front wing was designed for quick planing in lighter winds, but does not sacrifice the playfulness when the wind picks up.  the wings have an incredible carving ability on waves.  front wing design utilizing replaceable plastic winglets that can be easy to replace if damaged.  these winglets protect not only the wing’s edge, but also protects the rider from being injured from a sharp wing edge. the rear wing has similar winglets, but they are integrated into the wing.  the fuselage is built with high quality Anodized Aluminum and capped with impact resistant plastic to protect both the fuselage and the rider.  The base plate is CNC machine from Aluminum and then anodized to match the fuselage.  the hole pattern on the baseplate is 90mm x 140mm.  this allows the base plate to be used on many different foil boards.  I utilize a proven mast design offered by Liquid Force to complete the assembly. 

the foil is offered for $800.00 US plus shipping costs. 

email for more information